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Subaxy Top Coat

Subaxy Top Coat


  • 1

    Can protect the material surface from rust since the adhesion is excellent

  • 2

    Have excellent chemical resistance (acid, alkali) and good abrasion resistance

  • 3

    Suitable for indoor metal structures

Protection from rust and chemicals


Subaxy Top Coat is formulated by a two-component epoxy resins to provide good rust prevention, and high gloss finish.

It have excellent chemical resistance and abrasion resistance properties. By conjunction it with appropriate Subaxy Primer, it can apply in harsh environments.

It is suitable for structural steel as middle coat (topcoat with Subathane), especially for the inside of fuel and chemical tank lining, steelwork indoors, and chemical plants where needs to finish with high anti-corrosion.

Technical data

General Property

Quantity 4.5L or 18L
Color Depends on order
Volume Solids 59±2%
Specific Gravity 1.18 ± 0.1kg/l (Depending on colours)


Theoretical Coverage 11.8㎡/lít at 50μm DFT
Pot Life 5hrs(25℃)
Typical Thickness 1st 50~80 μm dry film
2nd 104~167 μm dry film
Surface Dry 2hrs(25℃), 1hr(40℃)
Through Dry 10hrs(25℃), 5hrs(40℃)
Cured 7days(25℃), 3.5days(40℃)
Dry to recoat (min) 10hrs(25℃), 5hrs(40℃)
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