Company Message

We have a vision of “Paints for the future”.Our mission is to produce suitable products with long term durability
that can meet customer’s requirement.


  • “For the future of our customers”

    We would like to bring to our customers the most satisfaction about quality and after sale service.

  • “For the future of paint”

    We always aim for better technology, supply improved products better than yesterday.

  • “For the future of society”

    We aim to provide eco-friendly products. Will apply production systems which doesn’t affect to the environment and the earth.

Tsubasa's four strengths

  • We are basing on Japanese quality for Production process
    POINT 1

    We are basing on Japanese quality for Production process

    We supply products with the best specifications for our customers with strict quality control as Japanese standard.

  • Easy-to-use products for customers
    POINT 2

    Easy-to-use products for customers

    We have developed conventional products, easy-to-understand and easy-to-use paints for end-users effectively.

  • Solving issues for customers quickly
    POINT 3

    Solving issues for customers quickly

    We will advise you for best recommendation of coating system, pre-treatment, after-treatment, all processes, and consider the optimum coating conditions.

  • Environmental commitment
    POINT 4

    Environmental commitment

    We are aiming for higher quality paint that is as friendly to the environment and the human as possible, such as developing lead-chromium-free paints.

Company Profile

Company name Tsubasa Paint Co., Ltd
Headquarter LotD6, Road No.1,Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park(Phase2), Nha Be District, HCMC
Charter capital 700.000 USD
Founding date January 2019
Director Ogawa Akira
Services Production line
Mixing colors
Application adviser


  • January 2019

    Established Tsubasa Paint Co.,Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

  • July 2019

    Tsubasa Paint’s factory in Nha Be district was completed and began operations.

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