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Subathane Top Coat

Subathane Top Coat


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    Good performance with very high gloss and luxurious coating

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    Excellent resistance to water and weather

  • 3

    Can finish a hard durable coating film by combining with TSUBASA epoxy primer

Retain gloss and color for long term


Subathane Top Coat is formulated by a special two-componient polyurethane resins to provide a good finish performance.

This paint retains gloss and color for long-term exterior use and maintains a beautiful finish. By conjunction with Subaxy Primer, it provides the maximum durability especially in corrosive environment.

Recommended for exterior use as tank, high quality steelwork and wood furniture, construction, machinery, vehicles (trains, etc.), chemical plants, etc.

Technical data

General Property

Packing 4.5L or 18L
Color Depends on order
Volume Solids 55±2%
Specific Gravity 1.18 ± 0.1kg/l (Depending on colours)


Theoretical Coverage 11.0㎡/lít at 50μm DFT
Pot Life 5hrs(25℃)
Typical Thickness DRY 40~60 μm
WET 73~109 μm
Surface Dry 2hr(25℃), 1hr(40℃)
Through Dry 10hrs(25℃), 5hrs(40℃)
Cured 7days (25℃), 3.5days (40℃)
Dry to recoat (min) 10hrs (25℃), 5hrs (40℃)
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