• Alkyd

Subakyd Topcoat

Subakyd Topcoat


  • 1

    Drying time is fast

  • 2

    Can support a wide range of gloss adjustments from high gloss to matte

  • 3

    Can prevent rust by simple application

Finish painting in a short time.


Subakyd Topcoat is a high grade alkyd based coating which can be used as a finish coat for steel surfaces. With our special designed drying time, Surface Dry is 30- 60 minutes and Through Dry is 2.5 – 5 hours. This fast drying property ensures a minimum down application time at site.

It protects the material surfaces from rain and dirt.

If you require higher chemical resistance, we recommend the Subaxy series and Subathane Top Coat.

It is most recommended to be used for structural steel, plant equipment, machinery, steel equipments, etc.

Technical data

General Property

Quantity 4.5L or 18L
Color Depends on order
Volume Solids 45± 2%
Specific Gravity 1.0 ± 0.15 kg/l (Depending on colours)


Theoretical Coverage 9.0㎡/lít at 50μm DFT
Surface Dry 1hr(25℃), 30mins(40℃)
Through Dry 5hrs(25℃), 2.5hrs(40℃)
Cured 7days(25℃), 3.5days(40℃)
Dry to recoat (min) 5hrs(25℃), 2.5hrs(40℃)
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