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Subaxy Primer

Subaxy Primer


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    High adhesion to substrates and anti-rust effectively even in harsh environments such as high humidity

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    Having good gasoline and chemicals resistance properties

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    Can apply one coat only with high thickness

Protection from rust and chemicals.


Subaxy Primer is a two-component epoxy resin primer with high rust prevention and chemical resistance.

It is formulated by anti-corrosion pigments and selective resins which can firmly protect steel structures surfaces from rust and dirt

It can be applied with thick coating film (up to 120μm) and tolerant to application over manually prepared surfaces.

It is suitable for painting inside and outside of buildings, such as structural steel, metal tanks, and other environments where rust is likely to occur.

Technical data

General Property

Packing 4.5L or 18L
Color Red Oxide, White, Light Grey
Volume Solids 58%
Specific Gravity 1.28 ± 0.02kg/l (Depending on colours)


Theoretical Coverage 7.3㎡/lít at 80μm DFT
Pot Life 5hrs(25℃)
Typical Thickness 1st 60~120 μm dry film
2nd 103~207 μm dry film
Surface Dry 1hr(25℃), 30mins(40℃)
Through Dry 4hrs(25℃), 2hrs(40℃)
Cured 7days(25℃), 3.5days(40℃)
Dry to recoat (min) 4hrs(25℃), 2hrs(40℃)
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